The story of Crabbie’s began in Edinburgh, 1801 when Miller Crabbie became the father of a young boy – John Crabbie.

Born into a thriving grocery and spirit merchant family business in one of the poorest and heavily industrialised areas of Edinburgh, John Crabbie capitalised on the nearby port of Leith, providing him access to ingredients from all over the world.

Taking his quest to the Far East in the 19th Century he fell in love with elephants while sourcing the very finest ginger which is still used to this day.

Bourbon and Ginger

Shipped across the often treacherous seas the ginger was then steeped for six weeks before being combined with four top secret ingredients to produce the nation’s favourite ginger beer.

Having transformed into the iconic brand of today, the entire Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer range is naturally gluten-free striving for the very same exceptional standards set by John Crabbie all those years ago.

Today Crabbie’s supports events throughout the UK, bringing the Scottish taste of fiery ginger to the heart of the occasion for sports fans and festival lovers nationwide.

In a nod to John’s love of elephants and the famous Crabbie’s trademark, the brand sponsors four elephants at the Millennium Elephant Foundation based in Sri Lanka.

Crabbie’s are committed to contributing towards the cost of food, medical bills and the keepers (mahout) salaries for the elephants, as well as providing staff uniforms to the foundation helping to make a difference to the lives and welfare of the elephants and staff.